I completed my doctorate in computer science at the University of Maryland, College Park and formerly held a position as a research associate with the Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Laboratory where I am focused on building a variety of context-aware applications for use on campus environments and to enhance public safety. I also participate in activities with the MAXWell Laboratory, the only WiMAX Forum Applications Lab in the western hemisphere.

In November of 2010, I moved to Denver, Colorado to take a position at Ubisense as an RTLS Software Applications Engineer. I moved onto the geospatial division in 2016, now called IQGeo.

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This site contains only a handful of pages and does not require any dynamic content, therefore, a content management system (i.e. Drupal) or an application framework (i.e. CodeIgniter or symfony) would not be necessary. However, since all of the pages share common elements, I have written a custom template compiling program in Python to simplify creating pages. As I claim not to be a web designer, I incorporated a web design template from Open Designs and modified it to suit this site's needs. For client side dynamic elements, jQuery and fancybox have been used. Reuse and integrate whenever possible.

Christian B. Almazan
Centennial, CO
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