Since 2010, I have worked in industry with a focus on being a creative software engineer and consultant with a focus on real-time location systems, geospatial solutions, and integration systems. I am interested in technology which improves the way people go about their daily lives and always interested in meeting people who feel the same way. Industries I have an interest in include healthcare and finance. Please send a message if you want to connect on LinkedIn.


You can also e-mail me at <firstname>@<lastname>.net

In Spring 2010, I completed my doctorate in computer science at the University of Maryland, College Park under the guidance of Ashok K. Agrawala. I previously held an academic position as a research associate with the Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Laboratory (MIND Lab). My research focused on building a variety of context-aware applications for use on campus environments and to enhance public safety.

While in graduate school, I met fantastic people I still call friends to this day. I am particularly proud of all of annual Maryland Day events I participated in with my peers at MIND Lab. I lost track of how many demos we gave as a team. I also took a What is Information graduate philosophy class. Honestly, most philosophy graduate students in the class, along with me, did not know the information related to quantum information, but you really learn to appreciate how others think and present their thoughts.

Outside of professional work and academic research, I wear chocobo hats to orchestral events. Originally from Rego Park, New York, I currently reside in Centennial, Colorado with my family. The family plays video games. Video game genres I prefer include rhythm, racing, action RPG, Metroidvania, and visual novels. The rest of this website outlines my work as an academic researcher to provide visitors links to my work and publications.